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FAIL - an Epic

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County Wexford Youth Theatre present a play about staging a play. A group of wannabe thespians decide to do their bit to highlight the harsh realities of climate change by staging a 100% carbon neutral and recyclable production.


This, as we find out, is nigh on impossible as we are living in a throwaway society influenced by consumerism. Over consumption and over production, impulse buying and overspending is the world they live in, the world the adults have bequeath them. This is a play about fighting back, about trying to take a measure of control over how we live. It's funny, fast-paced, loud, angry, full of bad wigs, ridiculous costumes and good music. It's also full of swear words, but you’ve heard most of them and use some of them frequently.  

Written by Jody O’Neill

Directed by Tony McCleane-Fay

Performed by some very good actors.



9 - 12 November 2022 @ 8pm

Book Here!!


Funded by the Arts Council, Wexford County Council and Youth Theatre Ireland.

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