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by William Shakespeare


It is one of the oldest and most frequently performed plays in the English canon – girl meets girl, they fall in love and their three-day affair ends with five bodies in the ground, including their own. Shakespeare’s visceral tale of feuding families and teenage urgency, arguably his most well-known, has endured as a classic for over 400 years, and now Bare Cheek presents a new chopped, passionate and screwed production of Romeo + Juliet.  This production features a cast of well-known, experienced and seasoned local actors coupled with the exuberant and talented young performers of our youth theatre.


With Emma O’Leary as Romeo and Aisling Murphy as Juliet, this production explores the extremes of emotion the young lovers are experiencing for the first time. Where stabbings and poison are daily dangers in their divided society, gang violence continues to carve a deathly path through the lives of their community and bring the play right into our contemporary world. Their illicit passion exacerbates the age-old animosity between their families; cleaving apart their world, turning romance to tragedy, intolerance to heartbreak.


Ronan P. Byrne and Adrienne Meyler play Juliet’s parents, Lord and Lady Capulet, her Nurse is played by Catherine ‘Biddy’ Walsh and the Friar by Tony Brennan. Karen Hartigan plays Romeo’s mother, the recently widowed Lady Montague and Lauren Clancy draws it all together as the ever-present Chorus.


The fast pace and magnetic beats of this production constantly drive the action in a roller-coaster production of pure theatre. Don’t miss it!



National Opera House

Jerome Hynes Theatre

1st – 4th December @ 8pm