Bare Cheek's artistic policy is to produce dynamic and visual theatre that involves all the senses of the audience by presenting challenging, contemporary work with universal themes. The Company also runs a Community Arts strand, working with community groups through the medium of performance.  Bare Cheek initiated and administers County Wexford Youth Theatre. You can view our Child Safeguarding Policies here.


Formed in 1998, Bare Cheek Theatre Company has produced many plays on Wexford stages and around the country.  It has delivered numerous Community Arts Projects in schools and Community Groups throughout County Wexford and in 2003 formed County Wexford Youth Theatre (CWYT), with the invaluable support of Wexford County Council and the Arts Council. CWYT has gone from strength to strength under Bare Cheek.

The Company has focused on establishing and administrating County Wexford Youth Theatre and developing new work and staging Irish premieres.  The Company is a member of Theatre Forum and is regularly funded by the Arts Council and Wexford County Council.  The Company is resident in their studios in William Street in Wexford Town. 

Bare Cheek Theatre Company

with County Wexford Youth Theatre



A New Play about the Teenage Brain.


written by Marnie McCleane-Fay, Ned Glasier and Emily Lim

devised by the Actors.


"You say to me... 

Your brain is broken.

It's like an adult's brain that doesn't work properly."


A fearless company of Wexford teenagers investigate the workings of the adolescent brain.

Created with cognitive neuroscientist Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and drawing upon the life experiences of the cast, 

‘Brainstorm' is a thrilling exploration of the most frustrating, chaotic and exhilarating changes that will ever happen to us. 

Originally conceived by London’s Company Three, this is the Wexford version of the script, where 75% of the content is personal to them and their lives and scripted by Marnie. The other 25%, the science bits, is written by Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Ned Glasier and Emily Lim.


"This is a very cunningly put together piece, drawing with unflinching honesty on material excavated from the young people’s own lives ... and capturing the hormonal rush and wild mood swings of teenage existence.” - **** Lyn Gardner, The Guardian



"A tour of the chaotic limbic system — a rush of risk-taking, caution-free chemicals – gets the audience joining in the truth-telling games with raucous abandon... yet the wires that are really getting crossed are those with worried parents, and it’s the white-hot pain of each bedroom confrontation that brands the heart.”  ***** Kate Malby, The Times

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